48 Necklace Accessory Ideas That Are Trendy This Spring

Trends come and go, and they definitely influence how we accessorize. But it’s important to weigh each trend against your personal style and adapt them to work for you. Accessories are a great place to take a fashion risk. And necklace is a relatively small investment, so go ahead and try on something that you may feel is a bit out of your comfort zone.

When choosing necklace, determine if your top needs a necklace at all first, and where you want the focal point of your outfit to be. If the necklace is going to be your hero piece, you will choose that first and select the rest of your accessories to compliment it. But if you know you want to wear statement earrings or a top that is busy, the necklace will be chosen last so that it supports the rest of the outfit without competing with it. Since the spring is around the corner, check out these 48 necklace accessory ideas below that are trendy this spring.