Embracing the beautifully diverse spectrum of dark skin tones is so incredibly important. Every impeccable shade of brown deserves a spot in every single beauty brand’s lineup. And we’re fortunate to see this finally starting to happen. Women of color know all too well how tough it is to find products like foundation and lipsticks that perfectly match our complexions.

Women wants to look beautiful all the time. And the good news is that there are many ways to make you look beautiful all the time. But looking beautiful is not about perfect makeup. Another thing to consider is always keep your skin healthy!

Being a teenager is a fun time in any girl’s life. When we’re still a kid, we’ve all played dress-up with that fancy makeup we found on our mom’s vanity. And as time passed, we experimented with a thing or two, be it high-shine lip gloss or an intense eyeliner look, and as time goes by, we started to in love with makeup. But do you know what kind of makeup that suitable for teenage girl?