44 Cute Kids Braided Hairstyle Ideas With Beads

If you are used to gathering your daughter, sister or niece and hair-styling their hair, this might seem the best way to you. There are a lot of creative and interesting braided hairstyles, which you can do with natural braids. Here is the best list of kids braided hairstyles with beads, and we know some of them will definitely capture your attention. Keep scrolling to find some inspirations.

Kids want to look on top no less than adults. If they often saw you styling your hair, they will definitely wants it too for their hair. In case of black girls with natural hair, they have a whole world of opportunities open in front of them, because the variety of African hairstyles is so wide and exciting. Here are 44 cute kids braided hairstyle ideas with beads below to inspire your kid’s hairstyle.

49 Natural Black Hairstyle Ideas for Curly Little Girls

There is room for creativity and experimentation when it comes to your little girl’s hairstyles. The best part is that at this stage in life, your little girl’s hair is growing. As such, you have to worry less about volume or length. Just focus primarily on the perfect hairstyles for your little girl!

Your little girl may not understand it yet, but they too need to look pretty. So, whether it’s a school day or the holiday season, always look for a hairstyle that flatters your little girl. Need a natural black hairstyle ideas for curly little girl of yours? Here are 49 natural black hairstyle ideas to consider.

50 Simple, Comfy And Chic Outfit Ideas with Jeans

Why women loves to wear jeans? It is a simple question, but the answers are endless just like the endless ways to style a pair of jeans. Jeans are so convenient, they can go with everything and are perfectly versatile. And plus, it is a great staple for mixing and matching, which is why many women loves to wear jeans.

Jeans are the ultimate equalizing garment. Everyone can wear it for almost every occasions. Need and outfit inspiration that look simple, comfy and chic with jeans? Here are 50 outfit ideas to inspire you!

53 Trendy Summer Outfit Ideas for Teen Girls to Copy

We all loves summer. We are so much happier when summer comes around. It’s the season completely devoted to leisure and good times with the people you love. And good time need a good outfit to wear, right?

When it comes to an outfit, the option of summer outfit is endless rather than other season. But to stay cool during the hot weather, a natural fibers, shorts, loose and denim are still the best option for you. Need a trendy summer outfit inspiration? Here are 53 trendy summer outfit ideas for teenagers below to copy right now!

49 Awesome Wrist Tatto Designs You May Love to Try

Do you have planned on getting a tattoo? Tattoos are seen as personal expression rather than just decoration this day. Bodyart is becoming more and more common. Many people love the idea of wearing a bit of art on their skin every day.
A very popular tattoo is a small, intimate wrist tattoo. Wrist tattoos are very fashionable especially when you add a personalized touch. From words to animals or other expressions. Here are 49 Wrist Tattoos Designs that you may love to try.

49 Popular Outfit Ideas to Finish This Summer With Style

This month brings warm days and cooler nights. It makes putting together different outfits is such a lot of fun. The end of summer is a tricky time for fashionistas. Especially for those who want to look in clothes that are comfy, practical and stylish.
There are tons of pieces out there waiting to become part of your summer to fall wardrobe. These pieces are light enough for you to wear on your last few beach trips and also versatile enough to layer up with later on in fall. We gatherer some of our favorite fashion outfits for celebrating the end of summer. Click through to see some of the looks that have us excited this month!

52 Inspiring Fall Outfits to Start Wearing Now

Everyone loves Fall season. All the sweaters, scarves, booties, and transitional jackets are the main reason of it. Fall trends are here. You can officially ditch your shorts and sandals to embrace fall fashion essentials.
The time has finally come. There’s something for everyone this season. The key to mastering the perfect fall outfit: keep your spring and summer pieces in full rotation, but convert them into cooler temperature looks with the latest cozy trends. Scroll on for all the fall outfit inspiration that you can start wearing now.

50 Best Long Pixie Haircuts You Should See and Try

Are you bored with your current hair and wanted a fresh new style? One of beautiful ways to wear short hair is by using long pixie hairstyles. Today, many celebs are sporting this trend. The perfect pixie look can be glamorous, elegant and sophisticated.
There are many different types of long pixie haircuts. It may be neat and proportional or bold and asymmetrical; with an undercut, longer on top or with a long front; curly, messy, wispy, shaggy, choppy, etc. If you don`t know where to start, here’s good news for you! We`ve collected 50 good examples of different long pixie hairstyles you should see and try.

49 Catchy Summer Outfit Ideas You Should Already Own

Summer is a wonderful time! Are you feeling the heat yet? The sun is shining bright. Temperatures are scorching, the evenings are cool. You can finally strut around in your summer best.
Want to update your closet for the Summer months? Now is the perfect time to update yourself about the latest trends. Here we rounded up 49 Catchy Summer Outfits Ideas that you should own. These outfits are not just amazing, but also attention grabbing.

53 Easy Girls Hairstyles for Back to School

Are you always struggle when getting ready for school? Prepare things to bring with and also your look. You want a hairstyle that’s simple enough to do quickly. But still cool enough to help you stand out from the crowd.
No more worries and put days with messy hair behind when you go to school. Here you can find 53 School Girl Haitstyles Ideas that’s simple and easy. These styles go with any outfit and are great for all types of hair. Just take a few minutes to fix your hair before dashing out the door for your school day.