It’s layer season, boys. We all cherish the arrival of fall since it allows you to dress the way you want. It’s not too hot or cold, that you’re left debating with yourself with what to wear. From boots to long sleeves to pants to jackets to Halloween to football tailgates to pumpkin pie to ladies in yoga pants, what’s not to love about Fall time?

Sweet and at the same time has fashionable look are both created by boho hairstyles. Bohemian style is beautiful on its own, but this summer and fall it is look especially beautiful because it’s headed the lists of the hottest trends of the season. Remember that not all hair disheveled by the wind turned into bohemian hairstyle. But Boho hairstyle also doesn’t need much effort, because messy and negligence – stick of chic boho style.

The one item we always invest in at the beginning of Fall is the black jeans. Who doesn’t love a decent pair of good quality black jeans? A classic staple in every man’s wardrobe. It’s versatility is unmatched.

It’s not easy being a hipster. You have be dressedbup casual, yet elegant. The first thing you have to do is to reject mainstream clothing. You have to look for “unconventional” fashion pieces.

Love handles, belly bulges, and front flab can be hidden by it. It also keeps shirts properly tucked-in. It doesn’t give you a muffin top or show a plumber’s crack above all. So, no wonder that high waisted jeans is on the rise.

Some of you may think that looking fashionable and gorgeous can be achieved if you have a body like a model. Hey ladies, keep your mouth shut! We are beautiful just the way we are. Trust us, with the right attitude and knows the trick to dress well, you can be as fashionable as those celebrities!

Fashion is a cycle. The 80s and the 90s have had their respective comebacks. It may be 2018, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t rock a vintage look. So why not to look into the past for inspiration?

A blouse can be called an everyday wardrobe essential. You can easily pair it with dresses, shorts, classic trousers and even jeans. Blouse and Jeans tandem deserve a particular attention. Still not sure with it?

Most people want the exact opposite of what they have. Straight-haired girls want curls or waves and curly-haired girls want straight hair, it’s always been that way. But today, we’ll talk about curly hair. To all my fellow curly-haired women out there, it’s finally time to accept the fact that your naturally curly hair is awesome.