41 Most Popular Striped Shirt Ideas Summer On 2019

Whether it is horizontal or vertical, nautical or monochrome, stripes shirt will always remain a stylish and timeless print. And the best part about striped shirt is that it truly does go with everything. You could essentially wear a striped top a different way every single day. Keep reading so we can prove it to you.

Before buying striped shirt, the key is choose the stripe based on your body. Vertical stripes help you look slimmer, while horizontal stripes make you look a little bit wider. So think about what your body wants to look like to get the perfect look with striped shirt. To inspire you more, check out these 41 most popular striped shirt ideas below to copy this summer on 2019.

44 Inspiring Acrylic Nail Art Ideas Suitable for Women in Summer

Summer is coming! Other than the famous trend of preparing your summer body, pay attention to your nails. Among the best methods to generate hands look sexy and interesting is acrylic nail art. In which, its design should be matched with your footwear and clothes.

Begin by paying attention to your nail’s form and length and choose on whether decorate the entire nail plate. Decide the basic color for your nail dipping next. Next, get creative with either plain, stripes or polkadot design make sure you feel happy with how your nail looks. Browse through the following 44 inspiring acrylic nail art ideas suitable for women in summer for references.

43 Lovely Dress Ideas That You Can Try In This Summer

Summer is coming! Let’s welcoming the hot weather with a great outfit! In the summer and tropical heat, you would normally care about wearing less than dressing up. If you want to dress up to look feminine and stylish in something which is also easy and convenient to wear, dress is all you need, girls!

When choosing the best dress for summer, mind your fabrics. To stay cool on steamy days, cotton, linen, and silk is the best options to choose. They are natural, breathable, and cooling. To inspire you more, check out these 43 lovely dress ideas below that you can try in this summer.

42 Cool Men’s Outfit Ideas In The Summer Of This Year

Summer has finally arrived! The sun is out, the temperature is up and you start wondering on how to dress well this summer. Worry not, dude, we’re here to help you. So stay still and see what we have for you.

During the cold weather, you can have fun with layers, but not in summer. Wearing more than one layer can have you sweating. In summer, you want to dress well and stay comfortable at the same time. To keep you look cool this summer, check out these 42 cool men’s outfit ideas below to inspire you.

43 Stunning Casual Outfit Ideas for Summer 2019

Deciding on what to wear during summer? True that summer gives you the vibe of casualness. Exactly for that reason, you definitely can be creative with the theme. Check out these 43 stunning casual outfit ideas for summer 2019 to trigger your creativity.

Before you go shopping online and click that purchase button, know what kind of outfit you want. That way you will avoid your wallet to go ground zero from shopping apocalypse. Then, finding your mix and match pieces will be the key. For example, if you choose a scoop or V-neck, make sure cleavage isn’t on display.

43 Perfect Mens Fashion Ideas with Long Beard for This Summer 2019

On recent years, the beard style is popular among men. Not only it gives addition masculity vibe but also maturity. Furthermore, you can still elevate the mature masculine sense. Through the following  43 perfect mens fashion ideas with long beard for this Summer 2019, you might find the matching fashion.

Turns out your perfect fashion combination starts with your hairstyle. You can have it long, in ponytail, or even short trim to hairless, your hairstyle compliments your looks. Should you have thin hair, try applying hairspray for thicker volume. Lastly, if you are still unsure, try to consult a hairstylist for your perfect looks.

41 Cute Blonde Hairstyle for Teen in Summer 2019

Summer time, vacation time. Ready to rock your Summer with a cute look? Start with your hair and have the makeover of your Summer. Here are 41 cute blonde hairstyle for teen in Summer 2019 worth checking out.

The best hairstyle for Summer is one with easy maintenance. Since it’s vacation, you might want to stay active while spending your holiday. So a bob haircut might be the style of your choice. Regardless the choice, your hairstyle needs to be in a position to highlight your natural features and accentuate your attractivenes.

45 Summer Outfit Ideas with Blue Jeans That Looks Trendy

To appear chic and fashionable in the summer, many people will choose blue jeans as their best outfit.  Here are several tips which you might think about wearing. Blue jeans will make everybody is comfortable with what they are wearing and the fit will place them at ease and create the experience far more fun. Blue jeans is also the best outfit to create trendy yet beauty vibe for woman.

A belt is an excellent accent to your waist and the period of your legs. Mix and match with plain blouse or t-shirt will create the classic and simple vibe. To make blue jeans more formal you can only add outer or jacket as the accent. Try to wear the fit blue jeans to show your appeal body.

44 Shade of Burgundy Hairstyles that You Must Copy Right Now

Making a choice on which hair color to apply can be a daunting experience almost to anyone. This is due to the fact that there exist a wide variety of hair colors in the market today. Ranging from beeline honey to medium ash brown which is mostly preferred for a cool brunette hue. But have you tried burgundy hair color?

Burgundy hair color is the most stunning feature since it can blend well with other colors such as brunettes, blonde or even medium brown. Hair color contributes greatly to our overall appearance, and we can’t ignore the fact that it boosts our confidence and makes us feel good whenever we stand in front of a mirror. To make you stand out with burgundy hair color, you need a great hairstyle. Here are 44 shade of burgundy hairstyles below that you must copy right now.

41 Extraordinary Makeup Ideas for Black Skin That Very Inspiring

Embracing the beautifully diverse spectrum of dark skin tones is so incredibly important. Every impeccable shade of brown deserves a spot in every single beauty brand’s lineup. And we’re fortunate to see this finally starting to happen. Women of color know all too well how tough it is to find products like foundation and lipsticks that perfectly match our complexions.

Now, black skin women have a wider variety of concealers and foundations to choose from, as well as high-pigment lipsticks and creamy blushes that pop against their skin tones. With that in mind, we’ve compile you these 41 extraordinary makeup ideas to inspire you. Use your makeup to enhance your natural beauty instead of hiding it. Because beauty does not always in white!