56 Wide Leg Jeans Ideas That Trending On Summer 2019

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Wide leg jeans are making a huge comeback in 2019. Wide leg jeans elongate the legs, are totally comfortable, and give a retro 70’s vibe that’s in style right now. With those, we can understand why this jeans are loved by many people and never go out in style. If you’re feeling uneasy about ditching your beloved pair of skinny jeans, don’t worry – we’ll help you transition.

Your wide leg jeans should complement, not overwhelm you, so find the perfect fit for you. Another rule of fashion when deciding to wear wide leg jeans are to balance the fits of your outfit. For example, if your bottom is baggy or wide, then your top should be slim-fitted. Here are 56 wide leg jeans ideas below that trending on summer 2019 and that you should have on your wardrobe.

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