49 Cute Nail Art Ideas for Summer That You Must Try

Nail art is the easiest way to add a little extra pizzazz to your nail. So when summer comes around and all we want to do is add some jazz to our fingertips and bring the sunshine inside, nail art is our first port of call. So since we’re almost there, we thought we’d beat the season to the punch and hunt down the very best summer nail looks for you to try. Keep scrolling for a season’s worth of summer nail art ideas.

Same with the summer outfit, there are variety of nail art that you can choose to beautify your look this summer. From the very simplest one to the most festive one, these nail art ideas surely will brighten up your summer. Here are 49 cute nail art ideas for summer that you must try below. Be sure to copy one and be ready to get many of ‘love’ from your Instagram’s followers!

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